When you purchase furniture from Source, be confident that you’re getting the best price for the highest quality furniture. We guarantee that our prices are set fairly and competitively. So, if you find a product at another retailer for a lower price, we will gladly match it. Conditions: The item(s) must:
  • Have identical dimensions and features as the Source Office Furniture product.
  • Be in brand-new condition.
  • Be in stock, available, and ready to ship.
  • Be priced in Canadian dollars with proof of the price generally available to the public.
The item(s) cannot be:
  • A clearance, closeout, damaged, display or open box item, special offer or bundle.
  • Individualized or personalized pricing (such as a promise from a manager of another retailer to you) and specialized discounts (such as volume or wholesale pricing; corporate pricing; builder contract pricing; bid pricing; membership, group or club pricing; prices from an online auction, bid or retail aggregator site; or credit, lease or financing program prices).
  • From a website outside Canada.
Please note: we will only match the list price—not the price including a coupon or instant rebate, or if there’s been a typographical pricing error. Prices for taxes, delivery, shipping, warranty plans and add-on or related services (such as prices for installation, maintenance or repair) are excluded. To get your price match, please contact your nearest store or email us at customerservice@source.ca.